The Pure-PlayTMTriple Play

PURE-PLAYTM has been tested for shock absorption, vertical deformation, rotational resistance, vertical ball bounce, and ball roll. Our turf meets the FIFA requirements, and has excellent Gmax scores, the first non-infill turf to reach such performance levels.


What enables our PURE-PLAYTM synthetic turf to accomplish what others cannot? We push the material, design and technological Innovations to the extreme, reaching what we proudly termed “PURE-PLAYTM triple play”:

  1. Extremely dense construct: over 36,000 stitches per square yard.
  2. Proprietary curly yarn: our special yarn production process results in a distinct curly yarn that pushes the shock absorption to levels achievable previously through infill-supplemented turf.
  3. Shock pad underneath for added shock absorption. We are the first in the industry to partner with underlayment manufacturer Viconic Sporting to offer their premium shock pad, winner of Head Health Challenge II sponsored by NFL, Under Armour and GE. Watch how this innovative shock absorption solution works!

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Pure-PlayTM is Fully Recyclable!

Patented PP/PE backing material eliminates latex layer in our turf, thus enabling aged PURE-PLAYTM turf to be recycled as plastic.

Since PURE-PLAYTM never uses infill, the recycling process is simple. No need to dispose of truck-loads of crumb rubber and sand mixture infill. No need to worry about contaminants such as heavy metals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), both from crumb rubber. Just recycle the turf into other useful things.

Good-bye turf sheets in a landfill; hello flower pots, park benches and storage bins!